Imported Coal Supplier

The demand for energy is on the rise in the 21st century. With inflated oil prices going higher every day, it all comes down to conventional fossil fuels for large-scale industrial production. Here, coal plays a significant role in everyday production of electricity, steel and cement.

Adicoal GroupWe acquires coals only from highly-reputedhighly reputed coal mines in Indonesia and South Africa which gives us the edge over our competitors. Our product defines us, and that is why we take extreme measures to provide you with products which possess high thermal efficiency and A-1 standards. This, along with our numerous after-sale services and pocket-friendly prices has put us right on top amongst the largest and most reputed coal suppliers in India.

Be it consistent supplies of imported coal or indigenous coal, we always strive to deliver coal having high thermal efficiency and superior density. We are a hallmark of niche products with an assurance of top-of-the-line ancillary services. With our experienced and long-standing employees, we have gained an indisputable market name. And has earned us the rightful title of being the leading coal supplier in the industry.