Imported Indonesian Steam Coal

Coal is one of the largest commodity in developing countries. And when it comes to coal production, Indonesia houses some of the most reputed coal mines across the globe. Imported Indonesian Coal has always been in demand due to its high thermal efficiency and distinguished standard. This puts Indonesia on number #4 on the charts of the world’s largest producers and net exporters of coal – which amounts to 40% of total steam coal exports in 2016. The primary exporters of Imported Indonesian Coal are China and India.

In India, coal, as fossil fuel is used majorly for energy and electricity. We import mainly medium and low-quality coal, which is a preferred type of fuel for heat generation in boilers of varied industries.

The properties of imported indonesian Coal are a catch and that’s what makes it a desirable item for international markets. The amalgamation of low ash, sulphur and moisture make Indonesian coal best suited to function optimally for steam generation with minimal impact on the environment.

Coal since times immemorial has remained the easiest, cheapest solution to the perpetually growing need in power plants and energy. Indonesia hosts the world’s 10th largest reserve of coal. Coal production in Indonesia has been doubled since 2010 due to an influx in demand.

According to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesia holds 27.2 billion tonnes of redeemable coal reserves, which will indisputably last for the next 60 years at the current production state.

Our Group has been one of the leading importers of Indonesian Coal . After an industrious 8 decades in the field, we have amassed a decorated clientele from industries such as textiles, processing, edible oil, chemical, cement, sponge iron, sugar, etc.

Our timely delivery and top-notch quality have brought us immense goodwill from our clients. We currently import across all major ports of Gujarat, i.e., Mundra, Tuna, Navlakhi, Dahej, and Hazira port. Imported Indonesian Coal has been our fastest moving product, which along with our customer-centric approach has kept us ahead of the curve.